TMC ET4300 4-Line System Telephone

TMC ET4300 4-Line System Telephone
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TMC ET4300 4-Line System Telephone

TMC ET4300 4-Line System Telephone
- Replaces the ET4000 (4300 adds built-in features that had to be modules on the 4000 and a few cosmetic differences)
- 4 Lines andup to 16 extensions
- Caller ID, call waiting caller ID (on all 4 lines)
- Centrex console
- 50# Caller ID history
- Caller ID display dial
- 3-Way conferencing
- Call timer
- 5# Redial
- Do not disturb
- Toll restriction
- Call privacy on/off
- Automatic line selection
- 28# Memory dial in each phone
- 10# Private directory
- Memory retained during power loss
- Separate volume controls (handset, speakerphone, and headset)
- Line reserve
- Intercom
- Paging
- Call transfer
- Speakerphone
- Telco visualmessage indicator for all four lines
- Backlit large LCD
- Three soft keys for easy display-guided programming
- Headset jack
- Built-in headset amplifier and dedicated headset button
- Data/fax jack
- Shared directory holds 40 names and numbers
- Advanced intercom
- Off-hook voice announce
- Busy lamp field
- Dual color line status indication
- Distinctive ringing for each line
- Built-in battery backup
- Special 2-Year manufacturer's warranty.
(Warranty is tied to usage. Example: if phone is disconnected from power for a period of time, you do not lose that part of the warranty)
Customer Support Line 800-862-1638
- Suggested paging VK-PA-2A

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