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Clear One CO-910-156-230 ClearOne Chat 150 VC
Connects to video conferencing systems, both installed and set-top - Provides greatly enhanced audio performance for small groups, delivering 360-degree mic pickup and crystal clear audio - Also includes USB port for connecting to a PC
Price: $469.95
Sale: $459.95

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Clear One CO-910-156-251-00 ChatAttach 160
Group USB speakerphone Skype Certified for clear, full-duplex audio conferencing for medium and large conference rooms - The Skype Certified CHATAttach 160 conferencing system includes two, daisy-chained CHAT 160 speakerphones designed specifically to f
Price: $999.95
Sale: $989.95
Clear One CO-910-158-370 ClearOne MAX IP
ClearOne Max IP VoIP conference phone - Full-duplex audio - Distributed echo cancellation - Noise cancellation - First microphone priority - Automatic gain and level controls - 3 Way calling - VLAN tagging allows users to manage bandwidth usage on the network
Price: $459.95
Sale: $449.95

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Clear One CO-910-158-370-00 ClearOne MaxAttach IP- inlcudes 2 phones
High-quality, full duplex sound enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out - Distributed Echo Cancellation effectively eliminates echo - Noise cancellation removes background noises from fans or HVAC systems - Automat
Price: $729.95
Sale: $719.95
Clear One CO-910-158-400 ClearOne MAX Wireless
ClearOne MAX wireless speakerphone - Perfect for executive offices and small conference rooms - Crisp, clean sound - Easy to use - plug in the base unit and start talking - 150 Foot signal range - 12 Hour battery life - Automatic level control adjusts micorpho
Price: $489.95
Sale: $479.95

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Clear One CO-910-158-500 ClearOne MAX EX
ClearOne MAX EX full-duplex conference phone - Expand up to four phones - Unbelievable clarity - Easy to use - plug it in and talk - Automatic level control adjusts microphone volume levels based on how loudly participants in the local room are talking to impr
Price: $399.95
Sale: $389.95

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Clear One CO-910-158-500-00 ClearOne MAXAttach
ClearOne MAXAttach conference phone - Expandable up to four phones - Two phone units included enable even distribution of microphones and loudspeakers - Centralized access to dialing, mute and volume controls - Distributed echo cancellation - Noise cancellatio
Price: $649.95
Sale: $639.95

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Clear One CO-910-158-500-02 MaxAttach Plus 2 Expansion Kits
-Easy set up and operation Automatic level control Automatic gain control Larger conference rooms Unique room configurations, such as U-shaped table layout Phones can be used in separate rooms with extra base unit Expand capabilities of MAX EX and MAXAttach wi
Price: $1,189.95
Sale: $1,179.95

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Clear One CO-910-158-550 MAXAttach Expansion Base
The ClearOne Max Ex Expansin Base allows you to divide the ClearOne MaxAttach into multiple conference phones for use in separate rooms. This Provides the hardware necessary to split MAXAttach into complete separate phone systems.
Price: $219.95
Sale: $209.95

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Clear One CO-910-158-555 MAX EX Expansion Kit includes phone and
-Allows the MAX EX to be daisy-chained with as many as 3 additional MAX phones For use in larger conference rooms Includes phone and connecting cable No base unit RoHS
Price: $319.95
Sale: $309.95

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Clear One CO-910-159-001 ClearOne Chat 50 USB
ClearOne Chat 50 personal speaker phone - USB connectivity - Connects to a wide variety of and provides crystal-clear, hands-free audio communications - Provides unmatched full-duplex capability, allowing users to simultaneously speak and listen without audio
Price: $159.95
Sale: $149.95

Out of Stock
Clear One CO-910-159-256 Chat 60-U
ClearOne's market-leading HDConference audio technology - Proprietary echo and noise cancellation algorithms prevent distracting audio - Full-duplex audio means no cutting in and out - Auto microphone gain and speaker level controls - Sensistive microphone arr
Price: $169.95
Sale: $159.95

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