Phone Recorders

Capture every word of your telephone conversations. These handy telephone recorders create a record of both sides of a phone conversation with crystal clear clarity.

Digital Loggers 24-Channel T1 Phone Call Recorder
Digital Loggers direct T1 to USB audio recorder - Installs with a quick, simple connection between the PBX and Telco. Existing equipment is unaffected. No PBX programming required - Intercepts audio using a transparent Hi-Z connection.
Price: $1,399.95
Sale: $1,389.95
Digital Loggers 16-Channel USB Phone Call Recorder
Record communications from any radio, phone, or microphone. Get 16 channels of digital quality at the lowest cost in the industry! - Simple to Install - Just snap a USB cable to your Windows PC, load the software and you're recording - Scan Calls Instantly.
Price: $999.95
Sale: $989.95
Digital Loggers USB Phone Call Recorder with Software
Personal call recorder with USB plug - Record calls precisely on your PC - Access thousands of calls instantly on your hard drive/network - Trace calls to find address and contact information - Sort, email, and copy your recordings.
Price: $109.95
Sale: $99.95
Digital Loggers Small Digital Telephone Call Recorder
Digitally record from phone lines, voice mail systems, handsets, radios and microphones. Connect to an outside line and all extensions are recorded.
Price: $89.95
Sale: $79.95
Cell Phone Recorder Earbud
Easily record telephone and cell phone calls into your voice recorder. Perfect for recording and saving phone conversations to a voice recorder, PC, or laptop.
Price: $29.95
Sale: $24.95

Out of Stock
TEC Telephone Recording Jack Adapter
With this Telephone Recording Jack, you can easily record every word of your telephone conversations. This small telephone recording adapter will adapt to a standard corded telephone and any recording device with a microphone input jack (such as a digital voice recorder).
Price: $24.95
Sale: $19.95

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