VALCOM VC-V-2924A Expandable Talkback Intercom System

VALCOM VC-V-2924A Expandable Talkback Intercom System
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VALCOM VC-V-2924A Expandable Talkback Intercom System

Expandable Talkback Intercom System

- Valcom expandable talkback intercom system
- 24 Stations
- Provides 24 stations of handsfree intercom with one-way group call and all call
- Up to three expansion units may be connected to provide 48, 72, or 96 zones of paging with handsfree reply, up to 16 one-way page groups, and all call
- Also provides the ability for a remote speaker location equipped with a call button to call the attendant location
- Interfaces with telephone system via a loop start C.O. line position
- Featuresa built-in 30Hz 90V ring generator
- Distinctive ringing option
- May be accessed from dedicated single line telephone(s)
- Standard 66 blocks used for connections
- Can easily be expanded toup to 96 zones of handsfree talkback and/or one-way paging (with V-2925A
expansion unit)
- Group pages with fixed groups of 6 zones each
- Caller ID capable
- One way all call with meet me and follow me capability
- "Call-In" from speakerlocations
- Multiple incoming calls placed in queue
- Call waiting notification
- DTMF operated auxiliary contacts available for controlling electric door locks
-Background music input
- Dial tone
- Ringback tone
- Optional alert/repeated alert tone
- Accepts DTMF dialing
- Standard AC receptacle powered
- Compatible with all Valcom one way or talkback speakers
- SMDR output
- Inhibit option for speaker cancellation
- Integral tone generator
- Access: PABX loop-start trunk port, electronic or 1A2 line key (line card required), or dedicated single line phone set, page port override access from page port with contact closure


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