Midland WR-120B Weather Alert Radio with S.A.M.E. Technology

Midland WR-120B Weather Alert Radio with  S.A.M.E. Technology
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Midland WR-120B Weather Alert Radio with S.A.M.E. Technology

Midland WR-120B Weather Alert Radio with  S.A.M.E. Technology
The Midland WR-120B weather alert radio features the latest in severe weather and hazard alert monitoring technology, providing you with the information needed to keep you safe.

The WR-120B weather alert radio has a special receiver that tunes to the 24/7 broadcast issued by the National Weather Service. The combined All Hazards/Weather Alert broadcast network is the single, most immediate source for comprehensive weather and emergency information available to the public.

In the event of special weather warning broadcasts, the WR-120B radio is automatically activated along with a loud tone, an LED indicator and an "alert" message on the LCD.

Emergency weather bulletins include alerts about: tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, ice/snow storms, and other severe weather. Other emergencies could include: Amber alerts, hazardous explosions, fires, chemical spills and other civil emergencies.

The WR-120B weather radio also features the "S.A.M.E. Digital Weather/ Hazard Alert" feature, providing you with constant monitoring of your local NWS broadcast. The S.A.M.E. decoding receiver allows you to hear only messages for the area(s) concerning you.

Video on how to Program:

Midland WR-120B Features:

- SAME Localized Reception
- Continuous Backlighting Option- Keeps the LCD on
- 25 Programmable Counties
- Color coded Alert Indicators
- Alert Override automatically switches over to warn you of impending danger
- Alarm Clock with Snooze
- Silent programming
- Single, Multiple, or Any S.A.M.E program settings
- User Selectable Warning System -Voice, Display, or Tone alert types
- 10 reviewable alerts
- 7 preset weather channels
- Public alert certified
- Receives over 60 Alerts
- All Hazards Alert - in addition to important weather announcements your radio will aso receive other emergency announcement such as: Child Abduction Emergency (Amber Alert), Nuclear Power Plant Warning, Biological Hazard Warning, Civil Emergency Message, Fire Warning, Landslide Warning
- Click here for your county codes
- Emergency power back-up, uses 3 AA Batteries (not included)
- Public Alert Certified
- Width: 4.5 inches, Height: 2 inches, Depth: 5 inches
- Package contents: Radio, AC power adapter, user manual

User Manual  Download User Manual

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