AT&T 1070 4-Line Corded Phone w/ Speakerphone /Caller ID

AT&T 1070 4-Line Corded Phone w/ Speakerphone /Caller ID
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AT&T 1070 4-Line Corded Phone w/ Speakerphone /Caller ID

AT&T 1070 4-Line Corded Phone w/ Speakerphone /Caller ID
The AT&T 1070 Small Business System is expandable to a 16-extension telephone system. This system is not compatible with any other AT&T 4-line small business telephones, except for the AT&T 1040 and AT&T 1080 telephones.

This telephone has a caller ID feature that supports caller ID with call waiting service. If there is a 1080 telephone in your system that is an auto attendant, it may record messages for your set.

The 1070 telephone is hearing-aid compatible and can be connected to four incoming telephone lines. This telephone features a speakerphone for handsfree use, and a headset jack compatible with most two-band 2.5mm headsets (sold separately).

There are two additional ports, known as AUX jacks or data ports, available for connecting the telephone to another device such as a fax machine or modem.

The 1070 enables paging, intercom, and call transfers between system telephones and is capable of connecting three parties on the same conference call. This telephone also features a 32-number one- and two-touch memory buttons for faster dialing and has a directory that can store up to 200 additional numbers with names.

The 1070 telephone is compatible with Centrex service. Centrex is a special subscriber service that might be available from your local telephone company for a fee.

The 1070 telephone is compatible with the 1040 and 1080 telephones. For details, see the User Manual.

AT&T 1070 Features:

- Compatible with the AT&T 1040 and AT&T 1080 (not backwards compatible with other AT&T 4-line models)
- Larger Base Close UP Photo (.jpg)
- Caller ID, call waiting caller ID
- 200 Number Caller ID memory
- New call/message indicator
- Entry removal button
- Large blue lighted display
- Speakerphone
- 1 to 4 line capability
- Intercom between stations
- Expandable up to 16 stations
- Call transfer between stations
- 32 Number Speed dial
- 16 Intercom number locations (can be used for one-touch memory, two-touch memory, and direct station dialing)
- 2 Data ports
- Easy to install
- 3 Party conferencing (inside or outside lines, or a combination)
- Power failure protection for all 4 lines (battery not included)
- Individual station paging (intercom) or system-wide paging
- 2.5mm Headset jack
- 4-Line backlit LCD display
- Redial/hold/mute/flash
- Last 6 number redial
- Volume control for receiver, speakerphone, headset, ringer
- Do not disturb
- Wall mountable (bracket included)
- Auto line selection
- Display dial
- Rapid scroll navigation pad
- New message indication
- 4 Lighted line indicators
- Auto redial
- Memory loss protection
- Selectable ringer tones
- Hearing aid compatible
- DSL Compatible (splitters/filter not included)
- Every unit in the system must be assigned an extension number for the intercom feature to work
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Dark silver
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