Phone Light Flashers

Phone Light Flashers and Ringers and Telephone Signaler for Lamps. Great for the hard of hearing or Noisy/Quiet Environments.

Wheelock UTA-VPS Universal Telephone Alert Ringer w/Strobe
Industrial Strength Telephone Alert Ringer with Flashing Strobe Light -- a loud and visual attention getting electronic phone ringer designed for use in noisy locations or for wide area coverage. Amplifies ring up to 108+ dB.
Price: $399.95
Sale: $379.95
Viking BLK-4-EWP Blue Light Strobe Kit
Provides high visibility indication of analog line status through a high powered one million candle power strobe light. Ideal solution for the hearing impaired or loud warehouses or factories, where ringing phones can not be heard.
Price: $249.95
Sale: $229.95
Sonic Alert TR75VR Telephone Alert Light Signaler
TR75VR Telephone Alert Light Signaler alerts you that your TTY, telephone, fax or videophone is ringing by flashing a lamp on and off automatically.
Price: $79.95
Sale: $69.95

Out of Stock
Krown Tele-Signaler 082 Phone Ring Lamp Flasher
Krown Tele-Signaler 082 Phone Ring Lamp Flasher- Connects to phone line and to a house lamp (not included)- When phone rings lamp will flash on and off.
Price: $59.95
Sale: $49.95

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Krown Amplified Phone Ringer with Strobe Light
 TOP SELLER  When a phone call comes in, a bright strobe light flashes and an adjustable, extra loud amplified ringer sounds so that calls are never missed again. Up to 120+ dB.
Price: $69.95
Sale: $64.95
Krown Small Strobe Visual Phone Flasher
The Krown Strobe Visual Ringer is powered by the telephone line, so no additional power supply needed. The new, improved dome shape spreads light to better signal and an incoming call.
Price: $39.95
Sale: $34.95

Out of Stock
Sonic Alert BL300 Strobe Receiver
The latest compact receiver and features a built-in, high intensity strobe light for signaling. The strobe light projects 360 degrees when flashing to eliminate blind spots - This is an accessory and only works with either the the DB200 Wireless Doorbell or BC400 Baby Cry Signaler.
Price: $89.95
Sale: $79.95

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