How to Choose the Right Hearing Impaired Phone in 5 Easy Steps

How to Choose the Right Hearing Impaired Phone in 5 Easy Steps
Pictured: Serene CL-60A Loud Cordless w/Answering Machine 2 HANDSETS

How to Choose the Right Hearing Impaired Phone in 5 Easy Steps

If you or a loved one is straining or not hearing telephone conversations clearly, a hearing impaired telephone can help. With a built-in volume amplifier and hearing aid compatibility, a hearing loss telephone can make telephone conversations normal again.

It many cases these phones are purchased by sons and daughters for their elderly parents who are having difficult phone conversations due to hearing loss. Or maybe youíve noticed a decline in your hearing and you need a little boost.

STEP 1 | Determine Hearing Loss Severity - Severe, Moderate or Mild?

If your Mom is 95 years young and you are shouting with her on the phone, she likely has severe hearing loss. However, if she just misses a word here and there and needs the phone just a bit louder, she has mild to moderate loss.

If you think you (or a loved one) has moderate loss, but could be close the severe category, itís best to err on the side of louder. Thatís because you can adjust a very loud (severe) phoneís volume down, but you canít adjust a moderate phone louder than its maximum volume. And let's face it, our hearing isn't going to be getting any better going forward.

STEP 2 | Corded Phone or Cordless?

This one simple step will narrow down your choices by about 50%. Advantages of a cordless phone is mobility and convenience. Advantages of a corded phone is larger, easier to see buttons and in some cases easier controls. Need both? You can always get one of each.

STEP 3 | Feature Requirements?

Itís probably a good idea to write down features that are required, if any. If your mom is 95 youíll probably want the most basic phone available without any confusing features. However, if Caller ID or an Answering Machine is a requirement, this will further narrow down your choices.

STEP 4 | Browse by Category of Hearing Loss, Looking for Required Features

Categories: Severe | Moderate | Mild

Sure thereís a lot of phones available, but thatís a good thing. That means there is likely the perfect phone for you. If you find the perfect phone except for it does not have an answering machine, consider the ClearSounds ANS3000 stand alone answering machine as a separate add-on. Itís designed for hearing loss, and itís simple to use.

While browsing through the phones available, use your instinct. If one phone appears easier to use than another, and you think that would be best for your Mom, youíre probably right. If you are purchasing a phone for an elderly loved one, it can be a great idea involve them, if possible. Email them a picture. If you canít do that, print one out and show/US mail it to them. Describe them the features, and ask for feedback. You donít want resistance after the purchase.

STEP 5 | Devil is in the Details?

Nit-picky about features and want to preview how the phones operate? You can download the phoneís user manual to preview the details and specific functions of how to program and operate. A download link to a Abobe PDF format user guide is listed on most of the phoneís item pages, after the features listed. Product videos are also featured on select items.

What about Brands??

Is one better than the other? No. The brands are all comparable. I would only shop by brand if you have had some positive experience with one already, or if one was suggested to you by an Audiologist. Keep in mind what works for Bob doesnít work for Betty. Everyoneís hearing loss if different, and not every phone works perfectly with every user. But, if you make decision based on need, type and features, you should better your chances of a successful purchase.

Corded and cordless phones for those with severe, moderate or mild hearing loss or impairment. Brands include Clarity, ClearSounds, Geemarc, FutureCall, Serene Innovations and more.

 SEVERE  50 to 67+ dB of volume boost.
 MODERATE  30 to 45+ dB of volume boost.
 MILD  20 to 28+ dB of volume boost.

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