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With our Wireless TV Headphones you can enjoy those late-night sports events, movies, news and comedy shows you love -- without disturbing others.

There are three types of technology to consider when choosing a Wireless TV Headphone: IR (Infra-Red), RF (Radio Frequency) or BT (Bluetooth).

  • Infra-Red (IR) headphones use line-of-sight technology, which means that you have to be lined up with the transmitter (within line of sight) in order for them to receive sound.

  • Radio Frequency (RF) headphones transmit sound through walls and ceilings, which means that you can move from room to room (and even use a Treadmill) and still receive audio. Compatible with Plasma and LCD HDTV's.

  • Bluetooth (BT) offers up to 33 foot range and wireless connectivity to TV, Audio and Cell Calls. Compatible with Plasma and LCD HDTV's.

There are two types of technology used when connecting a Wireless TV Headphone: ANALOG or DIGITAL.

  • ANALOG With analog headphones, the transmitter connects to the analog "out" of most any audio device. These are the RED AND WHITE cables (RCA) seen on most TVís and cable boxes.

  • DIGITAL On a digital set, the transmitter connects to the "digital out" on the back of the TV or other equipment. The digital out port is also referred to as "TOSLINK" or "OPTICAL". Itís easily identified by the glowing red light it emits. For a complete list of digital headphones click here.

Clarity TV Listener TL200 Amplified Bluetooth TV Headphones
 NEW FOR 2019  The Clarity TL200 TV Listener comes with multipoint headphones that pairs via Bluetooth to both your television and mobile phone at the same time.
Price: $159.95
Sale: $149.95
Clarity TV Listener TL100 Amplified Bluetooth TV Headphones
Clarity TL100 pairs via Bluetooth to both your television and mobile phone at the same time. This allows the user to amplify TV shows, calls and stream music without disturbing others.
Price: $179.95
Sale: $169.95
Unisar DH900 RF TV Listening Headphones System
 TOP SELLER  Unisar DH900 TV listening headphones wirelessly enhances sound from your TV and other audio sources, with a microphone for amplifying conversations. Features 2.4 Ghz Wireless RF Technology built in to under-the-chin stethoset-style headset.
Price: $99.95
Sale: $89.95
ClearSounds ClearBlue Wireless Bluetooth TV Headphones
 TOP SELLER  ClearBlue Listening System offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity to TV, Audio and your cell phone. An ideal solution to enjoy TV and music at the volume level you enjoy without disturbing everyone else in your home!
Price: $139.95
Sale: $129.95
TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones Infrared DOUBLE PACK
 TOP SELLER  NEW 2 TV HEADPHONE DOUBLE PACK -- Total of two headphones and two transmitters. Both headphones can receive audio at the same time either transmitters (included). With an extra transmitter you can use the same headphones on two separate TV's.
Price: $119.95
Sale: $99.95

Out of Stock
TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones 2 PACK
NEW 2 TV HEADPHONE BUNDLE PACK -- Includes extra set of headphones. Both headphones can receive audio at the same time from a single transmitter (included), or -- use one headphone as a back up extra-- keep one set charging while the other is in use.
Price: $89.95
Sale: $79.95

Out of Stock
TV Listener - Wireless Infrared TV Headphones TV920
TV HEADPHONE SINGLE PACK - Are you having trouble hearing the TV or bothering others because the TV Volume is too loud? With our TV Listener Headphones, now you can sit back and enjoy those late night TV shows, sports, movies, or news in total privacy and comfort.
Price: $69.95
Sale: $59.95

Out of Stock
Serene TV-SB Portable Wireless TV Soundbox Speaker
Tired of straining to hear your TV? No more! The wireless TV-SB SoundBox brings natural, crystal clear, stereo TV sound right in front of you, loud and clear, even with your TV speakers turned off.
Price: $159.95
Sale: $149.95
SmithGear Digital to Analog Converter
 NEW FOR 2018  This Digital to Analog Audio Converter converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to (RCA) analog L/R audio. Works great on TV's that don't have RCA out.
Price: $34.95
Sale: $29.95
How to Control your TV Headphones Volume Separate from your Television's Volume
How to control the volume on TV headphones independently of a television. This would allow others in the room (not using headphones) to hear the television at a comfortable level (or even muted) while the user of the TV Headphones can set a volume at whatever they choose (ie; loud).
How to Connect TV Headphones to Digital Audio Out
This port is easily identified as is emits a glowing red light when device is powered on. Many newer audio devices have this port, including TV's, SATELLITE and CABLE BOXES, STEREO RECEIVERS, APPLE TV's, DVD Players, Computers, and more.

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