TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones 2 PACK

TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones 2 PACK - Click to enlarge
TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones 2 PACK - Click to enlarge
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TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones 2 PACK

TV Listener - Wireless Infra-Red TV Headphones 2 PACK
NEW 2 HEADPHONE BUNDLE PACK - Includes extra set of headphones. Both headphones can receive audio at the same time, or -- use one headphone as a back up extra-- keep one set charging while the other is in use.

TV Listener TV920Does your wife like to read in bed while you like to watch TV? Are you having trouble hearing the TV or bothering others because the TV Volume is too loud? With our TV Listener Headphones, now you can sit back and enjoy those late night TV shows, sports, movies, or news in total privacy and comfort.

This listening device works just like your remote control, beaming an IR (infra-red) signal from your Television to a comfortable, cushioned stereo headphones you wear. With the volume control built right into the headset, you can easily adjust the TV volume that best suits you.

Since these headphones use Infra-Red technology, there's never any interference from cordless telephones, wireless home networks, garage door openers, microwaves or other electronic devices.

Multiple headsets can be used with one transmitter. This means more than one person can listen at the same time. Each person can listen at a different volume.

NEW: See our 2 Headphone and 2 Transmitter DOUBLE PACK

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TV Listener TV920 Features:

- Wireless IR (Infra-red) Headphones
- Bundle Includes extra set of headphones (total of 2)
- You can use 2 headphones at the same time
- Or keep one set charging while the other is in use
- 850 Nanometer infrared transmission mode
- 2.3 MHz (left), 2.8 MHz (right) frequency modulation
- Works with TV, video, or audio source
- IR (Infra-red) Signal (no radio/900MHz interference)
- Listen to TV without disturbing others
- 2 AAA rechargeable batteries
- Battery Life: Over 15 hours
- Quick and easy to set up
- Wireless, lightweight headset with soft cushioned ear pads
- Volume control conveniently located on headset
- No interference from devices such as cordless phones, wireless networks, microwaves, etc.
- Transmits signal up to 33 feet
- Includes adapters to work with any television, stereo, or audio device (stereo or mono)
- Power on/off in transmitter
- Comfortable, lightweight headphones
- Cushioned ear pads reduce outside noise
- Automatically mutes when out of range
- Works in both stereo or mono
- Hear the TV more clearly, in clean stereo sound
- Works independent of TV speakers
- Perfect TV listening device
- Great for the hearing impaired
- 40Hz - 12,000 Hz frequency response
- 40 dB signal to noise ratio
- Not compatible with PLASMA televisions or TREADMILLS
- 6 Month limited manufacturer's warranty
- Color: Black

TIP: - How to Control the Headphones Volume Separate from your TV's Volume

User Manual  Download User Manual

Package Contents:

- Transmitter
- 2 Headsets
- AC Adapter
- RCA 3.5mm stereo adapter -- For stereo televisions and other audio devices with left and right audio output jacks
- 3.5mm mono adapter -- For televisions and other audio devices with only one audio output jack
- 6.3mm stereo headphone adapter -- For stereo systems and other audio devices with a large headphone jack
- Headphone adapter -- For televisions and other devices with a small headphone jack
- Microphone adapter -- For audio devices that do not have an audio output jack
- 2 AAA rechargeable batteries

Also Works With:

- Stereo and Home Theater Systems
- Desktop and Laptop Computers
- DVD Players, iPods and MP3 Players
- Video Games and Other Audio Sources

Unboxing Video:

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