How to Control your TV Headphones Volume Separate from your Television's Volume

How to Control your TV Headphones Volume Separate from your Television's Volume
One of the most frequent questions regarding the TV Headphones we offer is how to control the volume on the headphones independently of a television.

This would allow others in the room (not using headphones) to hear the television at a comfortable level (or even muted) while the user of the TV Headphones can set a volume at whatever they choose (ie; loud).

This is most easily accomplished by plugging the headphone's transmitter directly into the same place the TV gets it's sound -- either the CABLE BOX or the SATELLITE BOX. Most CABLE/SATELLITE sets have an extra set of audio-out RCA jacks (RED AND WHITE, AUDIO OUT) which the headphones transmitter can be plugged into.

With your headphones now acquiring sound directly from the CABLE/SATELLITE box, the headphone volume is now controlled independently from the TV's volume. Even if you mute the TV's volume, the headphones will still receive sound.

How to Connect TV Headphones to Digital Audio Out
This port is easily identified as is emits a glowing red light when device is powered on. Many newer audio devices have this port, including TV's, SATELLITE and CABLE BOXES, STEREO RECEIVERS, APPLE TV's, DVD Players, Computers, and more.
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