Viking Electronics VK-LDB-3 Loop and Ring Detector Board

Viking Electronics VK-LDB-3 Loop and Ring Detector Board
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Viking Electronics VK-LDB-3 Loop and Ring Detector Board

- Viking Advanced Loop Detector loop detect board for ring and line "in use" contact closures
- Provide a contact closure during ringing and/or off-hook
- Monitors an analog phone line for ringing or an off hook condition
- A built-in relay can be activated when either of these conditions are detected
- This is ideal for monitoring line status or for providing a visual indication of such
- Disable input is ideal for two-button emergency phones, such as Viking's E-1600-20A, allowing "Info" button calls to be placed without activating the relay (turning on the emergency strobe light, camera, etc.)
- 3 DIP switches are provided for turning ring detection on or off, off-hook loop detection on or off and for selecting a ring cadence mode which allows the relay to follow ringing or to remain activated during the off time of standard ring cadence
- Complete with a 12 VDC power adapter
- Can also provide switched 12VDC .35 Amp output to power external lights, etc. during ringing and/or off-hook conditions
- Applications: control a strobe or beacon light for ring indication, provide relay closures on off-hook, trigger a security camera, trigger a tape recorder, phone "in use" indicator
- Detects ring voltage and off hook loop current
- On/off switches for ring detection and off hook/loop detection
- Screw terminal connections
- Selectable ring cadence mode (relay can remain on between rings)
- Wall mountable with foam tape (included) or screws (not included)
- Switched 12V DC output (follows relay activation for powering strobe lights, cameras, etc.)
- One set of (NO) normally open and (NC) normally closed relay contacts provided
- Disable input, ideal for use with two-button emergency phones (E-1600-20A), will not activate relay on "Info" calls
- Made in the USA
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Power: 120V AC to 12V DC adapter provided

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