Viking LV-1K Elevator Line Verification Panel with Key Switch

Viking LV-1K Elevator Line Verification Panel with Key Switch
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Viking LV-1K Elevator Line Verification Panel with Key Switch

New ASME A17.1-2010 code requires that "the two-way communications means within the (elevator) car shall include a means to verify operability of the telephone line". When your local municipality adopts this new ASME A17.1 code the LV-1K can be added to fulfill all requirements for visual and audible signaling when it is determined the telephone line is not functioning.

The Viking LV-1K is essentially two products in one. First, it can be added to any new or existing Viking 1600A Series elevator emergency as a single phone stand alone solution. With the LV-1K installed, the 1600A Series phone will check the telephone line for dial tone on a daily basis. The LV-1K will provide an audible and visual indication when the telephone line is not functional.

Second, it can be wired to a Viking model LC-6 six port concentrator, to provide visual and audible signaling for any grouping of elevators that are controlled by the same "FIRE RECALL" switch. The LC-6 not only allows 2 to 6 Viking elevator emergency phones share the same LV-1K Line Verification Panel, but it also allows the cost savings of those phones being able to share a single telephone line, and still meet all requirements of ASME A17.1.

In accordance to ASME A17.1, the LV-1K has labeled "ELEVATOR COMMUNICATION FAILURE" in .25" high red letters, and will sound an audible signal every 30 seconds and flash a red light when a telephone line fault is detected. Authorized personnel can silence the audible signal with the included key switch. The LED will remain flashing until the fault is corrected.

Viking LV-1K Features:

- Single Viking 1600A Series elevator emergency phones
- Add to the Viking model LC-6 for use with banks of two to six 1600A Series elevator emergency phones
- Complies with ASME A17.1 Elevator Code
- Compatible with Viking 1600A Series phones
- Compatible with Viking Model LC-6 Six Port Line Concentrator
- Volume adjustable audible signaling
- Mounts in standard double gang electrical box
- Power: 120V AC/ 12V DC UL Listed adapter provided
- Dimensions: 124 mm x 124 mm x 33 mm (4.9 x 4.9 x 1.3)
- Shipping Weight: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs.)
- Environmental: 0 C to 32 C (32 F to 90 F) with 5% to 95% noncondensing humidity
- Maximum Power Supply Wire Length: 244m (500 ft) with #24 gauge wire
- Connections: (6) color-coded wires with (6) gel-filled butt connectors

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